Full Mouth Cases

Welcome Shinsuke Ashina, RDT to LSK121
We are pleased to add Mr. Shinsuke's experience and reputaion to the LSK121 team. [click here]
Dr. Konstantin Gromov to Provide Assistance for Challenging Cases
Dr. Konstantin Gromov is now available to provide support & consultation on challenging cases. [click here]
Dr. Atcha, Advanced Techniques for Dental Implants Seminar
Learn more about the latest & advanced techniques for dental implant, full-arch, fixed, immediate load and function at LSK121 Oral Prosthetics [click here]


Teeth-In-A-Day by LSK121 Oral Prosthetics

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A Year of Screw-Retained, Full-Mouth Zirconia Implants at LSK121